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Nike Play Research Lab

Nike & Conscious Minds

I was approached by the folks over at Conscious Minds to help design and visualize the set of their new YouTube series: Nike Play Research Lab. Meant as an interactive space for filming with lots of activity, the space featured a central set with pipes that ran from floor to ceiling that doubled as seating and climbing structures. To the right of the central set was a wall containing various sports equipment and nods to Nike culture, as well as screens that could hold necessary graphical elements. Bringing it together and left of center is a wall of sports equipment, arranged by color, with oversized brand materials. This project was so much fun to work on, and thinking of design to accommodate filming use-case scenarios was a great experience!


Concept Artist: Meggy Kawsek / Creative Director: Lauren Kusmierczak / Creative Director: Fairfax Banks / Studio Producer: Lauren Currie

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