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Adventures of Ana

all nippon airways

As part of our custom content development for All Nippon Airways, Adventures of Ana is a series of illustrated vignettes of our protagonist, Ana. We follow along in her travels as she explores various places and situations unique to Japan, while learning helpful Japanese words at the same time. I was brought on to the project to update Ana's design, with the intent of establishing a character that can be narratively expanded upon for future content. Along with creating her design system, we also came up with her companion cat, Uwu. We felt it was important to have another character for Ana to interact with in, and giving her a cute pet was a solve development time and provide an element of kawaii to the series. 

Design & Animation: Meggy Kawsek / Art Direction: Kat Broydo / Copywriter: Shakyra Moore, Kyle Heiner / CD: Tim Harrington / ACD: Jenn Lau / Producers: Ivan Olivo, Rheanna Gaskin / Account: Layla Heidari, Luke Taylor / Analyst: Manali Dabholkar / Strat & Community: Danitha Jones, Madeleine Dooney

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