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The poop in my pants

Adult swim: rick and morty

We were approached by Adult Swim to figure out how to keep fans engaged between the end of season 3 and the season 4 launch of Rick and Morty. Being big fans of the show, we were also trying to answer the question, how did Mr. Poopybutthole get married by the end of s3? And lo, The Poop In My Pants was born, a short film about Mr PBH and his personal life shenanigans. Now canon, this short dives into the details of Mr PBH's life through a photo album, showing how he got his GED's, his courtship and relationship with Mrs PBH, and all the dramas and joys that come with living life. To draw parallels to the show, there are plenty of nods to each episode in the previous season. Can you catch all the easter eggs?

Storyboard & Concept Artist, Illustrator: Meggy Kawsek / Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Santoro / Lead Writer: Anthony Ciolino / Animator & Illustrator: Ben Cochrane / Illustrator: Claire Cianca / Account Director: Nicole Rehling / Music from the Rick and Morty team

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