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Tft: showdown in spatulopolis

riot games

A cinematic to launch Team Fight Tactics's Set 8 update: Monsters Attack!, Showdown in Spatulopolis is what happens when a superfan kaiju Crabgot meets his heroes in real life. My responsibilities for this project were character and prop designs and developing style frames for the comic book feel Jonathan was going for. 


Director & Creative Director: Jonathan Santoro /  Creative Director : Tiffany Lam / Writer: Sarah Westerfield Kondeati / Lead Producer: Ashley Samour / Line Producer: Penelope Aretos / Coordinator: Shirley Zhang / Art Director: Nic Sanchez / Story Artist: Julia Shi / Visual Development: Cathleen McAllister, Meggy Kawsek, Audrey Stemen, Amy Lyu / Audio: Sean Balas, Sarah Blandy, Brendon Williams, Kazuma Jinnouchi, Nobuko Toda, Erik Schuiten / Editing Supervisor: Tawny Hsin, Spencer Sturr / Layback Editor: Ian Preschel

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