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Tft: Remix rumble

riot games

I was brought on to help Riot Games develop the launch cinematic of Team Fight Tactics' set 10 update: Remix Rumble. The much-anticipated update to the game and Steve Aoki collab had players mixing genres of music during gameplay represented by the characters they summoned, and the concept of the cinematic reflected this key element. Worlds and genres collide as beloved League of Legends bands and characters make an appearance in a massive music festival, DJ-ed by none other than Pengu and Choncc (and a larger than life DJ Sona). The project not only involved mixing visual styles but also involved 2D and 3D sequences.

I took on many roles in this project. There were two character designs that needed a refresh. I also took on visual development, researching visual styles to match the music, and developed style frames for the 2D team to target. I was also tasked with storyboarding the full cinematic with a focus on the 3D sequences.


Click here to watch the full cinematic on YouTube


Director: Jonathan Santoro, Jean-Charles Kerninon, Clement Lauricella / Music: Kole Hicks, Steve Aoki / Sound: Erik Schuiten / Producers: Penelope Aretos, Fan Zhang (Shirley), Ashley Samour, Bleuenn Mallat, Charles-Philippe Bowles, Isa Taoui, Emilie Walmsley / Storyboards: Meggy Kawsek, Valentin Lucas / Writer: Audrey Miano / Visual Development (Riot): Cathleen McAllister, Meggy Kawsek, Nic Sanchez, Audrey Havey / Brand: Liz Lamb-Ferro, Fabian Arvizu / Developed in Partnership with Brunch Studio Eddy

Here you'll find the visual development sketches and iterations I developed in our research process. Click the image to read more.

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